HOURUNIVERSE is a hybrid platform that serves the watch, jewellery and gemstone community with a year-round, modern digital offer combined with a lively exchange independent of physical encounters. 

A contemporary, inclusive live event in Basel is where the community will unite in person, with the aim of facilitating efficient networking and providing an all-round successful experience based on the requirements of exhibitors and visitors. In addition to this customer-focused approach, a new hospitality concept based on fair prices and supported by the local hotel industry will be an integral part of HOURUNIVERSE

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, we are assessing new dates to hold a live HourUniverse show in Basel in 2021.

This brand-new show is a B2B2C meeting point that places the customers of the brands and exhibitors at the heart of its focus. The entire platform is conceived and designed around them. This applies to all players of the distribution chain, traditional and online retailers, including those of the CPO (certified Pre-Owned). It will feature an extended ecosystem with watches, jewellery and gemstones brands, developers of new distribution solutions, marketing and points of sale, and other players of the industry.  

A global, varied, interconnected world.  

The format is also dedicated to contemporary topics such as smart / connected products, sustainability and circular business models and enables a continuous exchange with end-consumers.