HOURUNIVERSE: a new platform that defines the future.

A global digital platform active all year round and a show designed as a grand festival of networking and experience.

A new type of platform is being created. A total unification of the digital with the physical, unprecedented on the scale of the entire watchmaking, jewellery and gemstones industries.

A digital networking, business, information and content platform, active 365 days a year.

From February 2021, beyond borders and travel restrictions, digital, global, active throughout the year, HourUniverse will begin to assemble the entire watchmaking, jewellery and gemstone community, in the broadest sense of the word, by offering a new form of interaction.

By defining one’s professional profile, presenting one’s activity, unveiling one’s innovations, creating new opportunities, widening one’s field of action and identifying the best partners, a whole ecosystem will be able to come together on the platform. Thanks to a wide range of services and functionalities, this new digital universe will be a business and networking platform, as well as a space for information, content and conferences with livestreaming; a platform also designed to serve brands, permitting them to push their content such as product launches, press conferences, keynotes and seminars – live and/or interactive, commercial or PR – in their own corporate environment if they wish, with selective access.

Ultimately, for all players: several levels of access, activation and use. HourUniverse is an innovative, comprehensive, intelligent tool for connecting to the market, and will evolve along with feedback from the community. It is the future that is being written: the transformation of a trade fair into a digital, global space, active throughout the year.

It’s WE Time!
Five days of Live Show, in a totally new atmosphere.

From 8 to 12 April 2021, in line with Geneva’s watchmaking events, the concept will come into its own with the community being able to meet physically in Basel, concentrated in Hall 1.

An urban tech atmosphere, connected, trendy, graphics, black walls, LED screens, modern industrial decoration, resolutely contemporary aesthetics and design, all of which creates a new atmosphere, while maintaining top quality, for the watch, jewellery and gems industries.

Open spaces, pop-up stores, pavilions, multiple experience zones, initiation workshops, themed exhibitions, collectors’ corners and sales area, a forum with a programme of conferences and debates streamed live available to brands and exhibitors, start-ups and suppliers of new technologies, to reflect on the major challenges and demands of the industry… the show is conceived as a grand festival of networking and experiences.

A resolutely open and participatory spirit prevails. Every day there are theme breakfasts, Happy Hours, ‘Get together’ moments, aftershow parties, not to forget an opening and a closing party designed to encourage informal exchanges and networking.

Beforehand, to facilitate the organisation of the stays, the registrations, to allow both visitors and participants to optimally organise their agendas and business, the bridges being built will also be obvious with the digital platform that will serve as the keystone to the whole.

Just as on the digital platform, the range of exhibitors in Basel will also go far beyond watch, Jewellery and gems brands. The ecosystem will be open to new players in the industry, whether in distribution, products, marketing or points of sale, with the presence of established companies as well as startups. Connected products and CPO (certified pre-owned) vendors will also have their place in the watch sector, as will manufacturers of e.g. synthetic stones in the gems sector. Players and services, including those related to the blockchain and the tech world in the broadest sense, are also welcome at the show. Finally, with this new approach, the entire on-site reception structure has been redesigned. For participants, the pricing policy has been drastically adjusted to allow them a particularly competitive ROI (Return on Investment), ‘investments à la carte’, adapted to their business, size, scope, expectations and needs. Similarly, the accommodation offered for exhibitors and visitors alike will be at guaranteed ultra-competitive prices without precedent.

Welcome to HourUniverse

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