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HOURUNIVERSE Basel is where the industry’s professionals meet and connect physically. Therefore, it is the perfect moment to deliver the best talks and conferences for the industry. Open to all, HOURTALK will cover current trends and address some of the challenges being faced by the watch, jewellery and gems stakeholders. HOURTALK will be available in Basel during the show and live streamed on our digital platform.  

The range of topics will represent the current challenges and interest in our industry such as:  

  • The future of connected & traditional watches  
  • Certified Pre-Owned Watches & E-Commerce   
  • New Distribution Models
  • New Retail Experiences   
  • Social Media Revolution   
  • AI & VR in the jewellery industry   
  • Expectations of Chinese Consumers   
  • Responsible supply-chain management (CIBJO)   
  • Natural & laboratory grown gems   
  • Digital transformation   
  • Switzerland, the rising intelligence hub   
  • The collectors’ universe   
  • Blockchain in the jewellery universe   
  • SwissLabel